Online Voting Benefits

Traditional elections require from all individuals who want to vote to travel to the local polls in person or eventually to mail in an absentee ballot. Since people have a lot of job and family obligations, it is not rare that they miss voting. Studies show that from 2004, presidential elections receive significantly less votes than before. To make things even worse, research shows that some television reality shows that permit internet voting receive more votes than a presidential election. Given these facts, we should definitely discuss what would elections look like if online balloting was available to us. Learn the benefits of online voting for presidential elections.


The biggest advantage of internet voting is convenience. Since voters would be able to cast a ballot from the comfort of their home, the entire voting process would much easier and less time-consuming. If online e-voting was allowed, the only thing you would need to cast a ballot is access to the internet and a computer device. Casting a vote would take only a few quick clicks, so you wouldn’t have to spend long hours standing in lines in front of the nearby polling station.


Since this way of voting eliminates the need for transportation, you will never have to miss work or school again in order to vote. If you are studying in another country, internet voting would also be the perfect way to cast a ballot without travelling back to your own state. Apart from the mentioned, this type of voting is also significant because it reduces discrimination and allows people who are physically challenged and disabled to vote. Individuals who suffer from serious medical conditions and who have social anxiety issues would also be able to vote with comfort and ease.

Increased Voter Participation

If the voting process would be made simple as previously mentioned, voter participation would significantly increase. This way of casting a ballot will also attract younger voters who use computers, tablets and smartphones or a daily basis. Many people think it’s not that important if young people don’t vote, but the fact is that over one-third of the electorate is aged between 18 and 29 years. Reports show that young adults have only 50% or lower turnout rate. Since this age group is well familiar with technology and has basically integrated computer and smartphone use into their daily lives, online electronic voting will be more appealing to them than traditional voting systems.

 In order to vote by using ezVote Online, you will only have to log on to your personal voting account and click on your preferred candidate. It is that simple. And of course, when it’s that quick and easy, there is no reason not to do it.

Increased Efficiency and Accuracy

Many people think that electronic voting is not efficient or accurate enough. However, these systems are actually more efficient and accurate than any other known voting systems. Nowadays, thanks to online voting, election organizers can even follow a streamline the entire election process. Votes are counted automatically and the results can be delivered as soon as the online polls close. With online voting, such as ezVote Online we would eliminate the need not only for voting machines, but also for vote tabulation volunteers or election day workers.