Electronic Voting Systems

If you are looking for an effective way to organize an election that will increase voter participation, cut down election costs and allow you to finish the entire process quickly and with ease, you should opt for electronic voting systems such as ezVote Online. This e-voting system is trustworthy and reliable and it complies with the highest security and integrity standards in the US. With reliable online voting systems you can easily cast a ballot from any location and on any device that has internet access. You can vote in the comfort of your home or while you are at work. With online voting, casting ballots will never be exhausting or time-consuming ever again.

How Online Voting Works

It is important to mention that ezVote Online uses advanced cryptographic protocols that ensure not only election integrity and security, but also voter privacy and vote correctness. Election officials and voters can be at peace knowing that ballots cannot be tampered with and that their votes will remain cast as intended. As they are casted, they will recorded, tabulated and kept. Since the need of using paper ballots and hiring volunteers to tabulate ballots is eliminated, you can significantly cut down election expenses. In addition to this, you will receive accurate results as soon as the elections are finished. You can also follow the entire process of voting in real time.

Voting from Anywhere on any Device

Internet voting solutions such as ezVote Online allows users to vote from anywhere on any device that has internet access. In order to do this, the user’s profile has to be authenticated. After this, voters will be able to use a special interface that ensures votes are cast privately. Of course, the system is so reliable that it is impossible to tamper the elections by decrypting the votes. Every user will have access only to his account, and he will have to verify his account any time he wants to cast a ballot.

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One user can only cast one ballot. After voting, the voter will receive a receipt to check if his vote was properly received by the system. Special voting servers will record that vote and always check their validity. To make things simple, we can call a user’s account a ballot box. The integrity of a ballot box will never be jeopardized because it has to be verified through bulletin boards or digital signatures.

Ready for Online Voting in 24 Hours

If you need to launch online elections in a short notice, electronic voting systems such as ezVote Online have you back covered. Once the elections are launch, you can choose how many days you want to leave the polls open. If you want, you can give everyone a chance to vote at a convenient time and place. The system is web based and it is fully hosted on secure servers along with your online polls. By opting for this system you won’t have to install or maintain complex software. You won’t have to worry about data backups or software updates at all times. You can decide if you want to manage online voting on your own or with our professional help.